Some words from Ivonne…

I have over a decade of experience, and every day I am driven by the passion to find a sustainable, medicine-free healing alternative. Reflexology really gets to the root of health issues, without being invasive!

I have worked with clients with both physical and non-physical ailments, including MS, cancer, kidney problems, liver problems and fertility issues. Generally, after just 6 treatments clients experience vast improvements, and some even fully recover from whatever health issue they had before visiting.

From the many couples I have worked with, almost all have conceived successfully, with healthy and uncomplicated pregnancies.

I am kind, warm and friendly. I am so lucky to have such a huge number of happy and healthy customers who I hope would – without hesitation – recommend me.

An initial consultation will help us decide if my qualifications, enthusiasm and experience will benefit your individual needs. If you would like more information please look through the pages and contact me to discuss how we can start your improved health today.