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5* Google Reviewed - One of the top ranked Reflexologists
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“I have found a reflexologist, reiki and holistic healer for life. This is rare and a true blessing”

- Shakila


Some words from Ivonne…

Over seven years ago, driven by the passion to find a sustainable, medicine-free healing alternative, I came across reflexology. Since that day, I haven’t looked back. Reflexology really gets to the root of health issues and despite being a Master Reflexologist, everyday I discover something new about this miraculous therapy.

I have worked with clients with both physical and non-physical ailments, including MS, cancer, kidney problems, liver problems and fertility issues. Generally, after just 6 treatments clients experience vast improvements, and some even fully recover from whatever health issue they had before visiting.

I have worked with over 2000 clients, from those suffering from stress, depression and anxiety - many of whom no longer required prescribed mediation after treatment - through to those seeking to have a family but are experiencing fertility challenges.

From the many couples I have worked with, almost all have conceived successfully, with healthy and uncomplicated pregnancies. Many couples have come to me after years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive – it’s truly wonderful every time I can help someone bring in a new life!

I am kind, warm and friendly. I am so lucky to have such a huge number of happy and healthy customers who I hope would – without hesitation – recommend me.

An initial consultation will help us decide if my qualifications, enthusiasm and experience will benefit your individual needs. If you would like more information please look through the pages and contact me to discuss how we can start your improved health today.


Sustainable, Safe, Non-evasive

Reflexology is an ancient form of healing that is over 2000 years old. It works on the soles of the feet and palms of the hand, where the human body is mapped. This may sound quite radical, but science has proven it: there are thousands of nerve endings on the soles of the feet, and these correspond to a whole variety of areas around the body.

By applying pressure on these points, and massaging using precise techniques – you can rebalance the body, and resolve issues from their root. No medicine, no operations, no damage to the planet . It’s effective, safe and friendly to the environment and your health.

As a professional and expert in this field, Ivonne is able to see where these imbalances lie. Anything from depression to stomach problems, allergies or backache – Reflexology is able to help.