Cancer Care

As a Reflexologist qualified to treat people with cancer, I recognise the need to treat patients with the utmost care, attention and gentleness. 

Currently I am working alongside Macmillan Cancer to bring some pain relief and balance to cancer patients in Bristol.

Often, fear is the dominant emotion in cancer sufferers—it causes a separation between body and mind at a crucial time where the body needs to be unified and strong.

Fear is an emotion that affects the body mentally and physically, it causes the release of toxic chemicals and hormones in the body which damage the nervous system, potentially bringing about different reactions like paralyse of the mind, body and spirit. This can keep a strong grip on the patient and create a barrier to better wellbeing.

Do you or someone you care for suffer from Cancer?

A session with Ivonne might be what you need…

As with every treatment, the session will begin with a warm welcome. You are given the time and space to calmly enter into the mindset required for a reflexology session—openness.

This may take a little longer due to the sensitivity of the subject, but we will use this time to start building a good connection. You are free and safe to express your feelings, anxieties and concerns. It can often be very emotional on both sides.

It is paramount that I work to each individual’s needs, this is so I am able to support and help you to reduce stress, anxiety and fear – treatment can even be offered to both you and your carer or partner. I offer reflexology focused on helping your mental wellness, to help you carry on with the huge task of fighting cancer. Reflexology does not tackle the condition, but it helps to relieve stress and release emotional blockage.

Complementary therapy like Reflexology and even Reiki can make a significant difference to the wellbeing of a cancer patient and their carers. 

It can help to reduce stress and anxiety; enable people to cope better with their illness and pain control relieve some of the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatments.

Bespoke Treatments
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These treatments are not like the other therapies on offer—they are sensitive and reactionary to the patient, the body responds to reflexology very differently compared to non-cancer sufferers.